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1911 Week at Brownells

It is 1911 week at Brownells!  With free shipping on orders of $99 or more, now is a great time to get the upgrades you have been wanting for your...

Idaho Now A Constitutional Carry State!

Idaho is now the 9th state to enact legislation that allows constitutional carry (concealed carry with out a permit).  This is great news for the gun rights community and hopefully...

What is in your gun library?

It does not matter if you are a hobbyist or a full time gunsmith, a firearm reference library is indispensable. There are many books on the market ranging from blue...


Barrel Vise from Brownells

This is the same vise that I use at Idaho Custom Arms.  This system has yet to let me down!  In the old shop, it was permanently mounted to the...


Mil-Spec Aluminum Magazines for AR’s

It is hard to beat a standard, Mil-Spec aluminum AR magazine, especially one built by the Brownells crew.  They are offering a bulk pack of 25 mags, perfect for stocking...


Anderson Lowers

The cost is low, but from what we have seen, the quality is high.  These lowers are great for “budget builds” and are much better than the polymer lowers floating...

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